Digital Cake, Me and My First Podcast

17th June 2013 • No Comments

For over a year, a friend of mine at Emote Digital has been suggesting we do a podcast. Naturally I wanted to do it however, we never really got time to do it. To combat this I asked my boss if we can get some gear for podcasting, he said yes, so now we had no choice but to do it.

We had some debate over what to talk about but then settled on general digital news rather than going too techy and talking about coding. It was to be the perfect recipe for a great podcast.

Introducing Digital Cake:

Episode 1: Apple’s WWDC, iOS7, Tumblr sells to Yahoo, Google Glass and more.

Get it on iTunes

Also available as a direct download from here.

I hope you enjoy it!

Would love to hear your feedback if you listen to it :)

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Solution: Viewport meta tag being ignored in PhoneGap iOS

22nd May 2013 • No Comments

Another common PhoneGap issue I came across with no up to date instructions how to solve (seems to be for older versions of PhoneGap) is the viewport meta tag being ignored. It is actually a very easy fix. Here is how to do it in the most recent version of PhoneGap for iOS at the time of writing (2.7.0).

In your Xcode project click on “config.xml”, find the tag that says “<preference name=”EnableViewportScale” value=”false” />”, change the value to true “<preference name=”EnableViewportScale” value=”true” />”, save and you’re done.

I told you it was easy, shame it’s not well documented.

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Solution: PhoneGap, tracking geolocations in the background iOS

16th May 2013 • 10 Comments

Today I was freaking out, I just started this app and it required the ability to track geolocations, obviously this would need to work in the background if the user got a call, or wanted to do another task on their phone. I searched the web and saw many responses saying it wasn’t possible, but it is!

If you’re using the javascript navigator.geolocation.watchPosition the following worked for me using the latest version of PhoneGap at the time of writing (2.7.0).

Go to the “Resources” folder in your XCode project, click on the file that is called “yourprojectname-Info.plist” (this file may be located elsewhere in other versions of PhoneGap). Click the plus next to “Information Property List”. Type in the new field “Required background modes”, click the arrow located next to the new row and in the value for “Item 0″ type “App registers for location updates”.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 5.40.41 PM

That should do the trick.

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Creating & learning CSS3 just got even easier!

20th January 2013 • 1 Comment

Some of you are probably already aware about my site Create CSS3 which allows you to generate prefixed CSS3 super quickly and easily. To this day it is one of the only generators that supports all the prefixes for the major browser (most only support webkit and moz). I’ve been so happy with how easy it is to generate multi CSS3 properties so quickly. Developers from all over the world are adopting it as their favourite CSS3 generator.

I wanted to keep it a leader in the CSS3 generator space as well as make it more useful for people who are unfamiliar with CSS3. Therefore I am here today to announce a major upgrade to which is sure to please developers of all skill levels.


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The search for the perfect WYSIWYG is over. Enter Redactor.

4th January 2013 • No Comments

Today is a glorious day! Well actually 3 months ago was. But today I’m telling you about the search for the perfect WYSIWYG being over.

So for the last 5 years or so I have been searching for a reliable WYSIWYG to use for my various projects. Just when I thought I found one, the developers moved on and got themselves a life, I’m left with an outdated WYSIWYG with unfixed bugs and I move on. TinyMCE is the major dude in this space, but I truly dislike him. He’s so big. He doesn’t even fit through the front door. There is so many modules to him as well. Sooooo painful! All I want is 1 javascript file, then to call it on my textarea and move on. A little flexibility is required as well though.


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My new site! Woo!

2nd January 2013 • No Comments

Hey all! It’s been around 3-4 years since I created my personal website, and in web years it had reached the end of it’s life and needed to be put down.

This means a new site! Woo!


I’ve pushed the envelope quite a bit with this new site. Changed the way you navigate, used CSS3’s 3D transforms mixed with subtle HTML5 videos in the background. The end result is I have blocked out crap browsers from visiting the site, they can still visit my old site though. But hey! We can’t support old browsers forever. Chrome is the browser to use if you can. The latest version (21) is phenomenal with how smoothly it handles the torture I put it through. Safari isn’t too far off. Firefox I have allowed but I have turned off the HTML5 videos as it really struggled with it turned on. It’s still sluggish and glitchy though. Opera doesn’t fair too badly although it doesn’t support 3D transforms yet. IE is completely out until I get my hands on a version on IE10 to try.


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Recap on 2012

31st December 2012 • No Comments

What a year 2012 has been! Especially in the web space. I feel privileged to be working in the web space at this time. We’re sitting on the cusp of the web coming out of its teenage years and becoming an adult.


HTML5 & CSS3 have proven they have what it takes to create and manipulate your on screen elements in anyway you wish. WebGL is coming through to allow high speed 3D rendering in the browser. Flash is well and truly dead as I predicted back in 2010 much to the dislike of many flash developers. The great Flash developers have started to move to HTML5 technologies, I’m sure many Flash developers will stick with the Flash software and export out as HTML5 though.


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CSS3, made easy.

12th August 2012 • 2 Comments

Okay, so I’m guilty of not updating my blog for about a year, but it’s okay, I’ve got a helpful update for you today!

Last year I showed you all how to start using CSS3 today. A year later more browsers are supporting more CSS3 properties and with IE 10 on the horizon we will likely have all the browsers supporting a lot of key CSS3 properties such as transitions and animations.

That’s all positive, but the problem is different browser versions require the prefix, newer versions don’t. This is quite annoying to keep up with and write code for. There are a stack of CSS3 generators out there, the problem is when I’m writing code I know what properties I need and want to quickly stack them together and copy them into my stylesheet. A year and a half ago I built which was a CSS3 generator. Back then it was simple, it just supported a basic top to bottom gradient, border radius and outer box shadow for Firefox and Webkit.

I have had a few people in my ear telling me to update it recently so I gathered all the knowledge I have learned over the past 18 months and put that into what I believe is now the best CSS3 generator out there at the moment.

Let’s take a look at why it’s so good!


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Design Competition

25th August 2011 • No Comments

We Are Love is looking for designs to help them raise money for charity…

All you have to do is design a t-shirt or tank with the words We Are Love. The best designs will be chosen, then the world will vote on which t-shirts they like the most. The most popular designs will be printed as part of the 2012 summer collection.

Each winning designer will get their name printed on the back of their t-shirt, as well as a free copy of their t-shirt and coupon code for discounts on the We Are Love store for you and you friends.

Submit your design today at​design and help us make a difference.


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