10 websites 10 years ago

18th September 2009

When it comes to the internet, a lot has changed in 10 years. Computers can handle a lot more processors, much more graphic detail and the speed is significant faster. This naturally has seen the web evolve, websites become more advanced and it’s users more technically savvy. Rewind 10 years ago when not many site used CSS, Javascript or even PHP, what was the web like? Lets go back, way back to 1999! Y2K anyone?


One of today’s most inspirational sites was very different 10 years ago. They still kept their site very simple back then.

Apple 1999


You’re witnessing what was the birth of one of today’s biggest corporations. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google officially went live in November 1999, 10 year birthday celebration? The founders invested $25,000 from credit cards to get the site going (along with a grant from the Stanford University Library), probably the best $25,000 of the banks money ever spent.

Google 1999


It’s a bit concerning that Microsoft’s download center site still looks very similar to their site 10 years ago.

Microsoft 1999


It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago people were using something other than Google to search the web.

Yahoo 1999


Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995, Amazon saw fast growth online being named by Time magazine as one of it’s 10 best sites of 1996. By 1999 Amazon had 8 automated warehouses, each costing $50,000,000… Ouch. No wonder Amazon didn’t post it’s first full-year profit until 2003.

Amazon 1999


One of the web’s premiere destinations for anything tech, cnet has managed to stay a popular destination for it’s visitors by evolving with the web to give users what they want.

CNET 1999


Ask Jeeves was a popular destination to get your questions answered on the web. Today you don’t get to Ask Jeeves, the name was later shortened to just Ask.

Ask 1999


Once a monster Internet Service Provider, AOL had over 30 million subscribers. Today AOL has been on the decline since 2002 after merging with Time Warner and now has less than 6 million subscribers.

AOL 1999


One of the worlds leading software companies, many elements of their 1999 site are still used in modern website design.

Adobe 1999


Still a popular site for gamers IGN has been around for quite some time, here’s what it looked like in 1999.

IGN 1999


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  1. JP says:

    lol yahoo’s site was a true cluster fuk ;p

  2. Developer says:

    Amazon looks the best out of them all I think :D

  3. adumpaul says:

    So interesting information.I like IGN.com site.

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