The importance of marketing for your web app or brand [video]

16th October 2009

Those who are familiar with me will know I’m very passionate about marketing. It is the most important part of any web application or business. The reason I say this is because even if you have the worst web application in the world, providing you have the right marketing you can be making great money. Obviously as a developer you want to make your web application better than everyone else’s – which is great! But if you don’t market it properly and put in the effort to market it properly you’re highly unlikely to make any money.

At the FOWA London 2009 Alex Hunter did a very interesting talk on marketing that is a must see for anyone in the web industry. In his talk he covers things such as putting a face to your company and becoming a person which I covered previously in my recent article about social media marketing on the small business hub. He also talks about being real, putting in the effort to make your venture work and how the world has changed from the old way of doing business. Take the time to sit down and watch it, it just might change your world.

Warning: Contains material that may offend some viewers, but probably not you so don’t worry about it…

I’m currently working on many of these things as I rebrand one of the companies I started as well as my new venture Super Domains.

If you need a further kick in the pants to convince you to get serious about your business – watch the below video also from FOWA London 2009 where Gary Vaynerchuk tell you about how it is time to put the time into your business, stop talking, and start doing.

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