The death of Flash.

9th May 2010

I’ve always been against Adobe Flash. It’s slow, CPU consuming, insecure, painful to work with and overly very user unfriendly. Finally my dislike for Flash is being met with by powerful companies who are all now rallying against Flash and pushing towards HTML 5.

It all started with Steve Jobs writing a letter announcing why Flash will never be supported on the iPhone or iPad. It has been the talk of the industry and now more hands are rising in favour of ditching Flash and living with HTML 5. Following is Opera (the browser) and Microsoft both stating that they back HTML 5 in favour of Flash. (Microsoft clearly doesn’t realise it’s Silverlight is likely to die as well)

With Javascript being able to do most of Flash’s tricks natively it’s main purpose has been used for video and audio. Now HTML 5 can do both of these making Flash virtually pointless.

YouTube, Vimeo and Scribd are just a few of the sites that used to rely heavily on Flash that are taking advantage of HTML 5 features to rid themselves of Flash for a better user experience. I myself have been working of ridding Flash out of my sites, namely‘s audio player will run using the audio tag in browsers which support it coming the next release of the site and it will also say goodbye to any Flash based ads.

Adobe are obviously concerned about this recent onslaught from competitors and will be interesting to see whether or not they try new techniques to keep Flash alive.

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  1. I don’t think our firm had more than 1 project quoted for Flash in the past 3 years. I really think it is overrated, plus its not the greatest for SEO.

  2. Surge says:

    this is not good news for the game app people, there are alot of games that use flash. I have not worked with HTML 5 yet but I am getting to it. Thanks for the post..

  3. SaaS says:

    I don’t know that Flash will die, but if it does’t do something drastic, it’s use will drop dramatically. I am not an advocate of flash but there are those diehard users that will opt not to use anything else. It’s the “teaching an old dog new tricks” thing. Thanks for the post.

  4. Aristophrenia says:

    Its posts like this that make me realize how ignorant and stupid people really are – Jason lets be really honest here – you have absolutely no idea how to use flash do you. Its too hard, its too difficult and complex to learn – so you just bash it.

    No HTML5 is not capable of more than 25% of what flash 10.2 can do, and especially not flash 11. Saying so doesn’t make it so – the facts are obvious to anyone who actually understands both technologies.

    Even if it were – do you think html is standard ? Do you think it is capable of doing the computational grunt that flash has been optimized to do ? Do you think that something design as a text mark up, a text styling language is more suited to rich media than a made for purpose rich media coding environment ?

    No it absolutely is not – the fact is you can’t use flash, and don’t understand it – so you bash it.

    When you wrap your head around pixel benders, alchemy, molehill and Stratus peer2peer then you can comment on flash – take out one day and see if you can achieve even a rudimentary understanding of what these things are and see if you can implement even the most basic functionality.

    Bashing something you do not understand, that is too complicated for you and beyond your depth does not make you smart – it makes you look retarded.

  5. Guillaume says:

    The Adobe Flash technology may survive, but without plug-in. Adobe just released Wallaby, an experimental project to convert Flash files to HTML5 content.

  6. Sphamandla says:

    A lot of people have been complaining about flash for A while now and its good that something has been done about that to improve user experience

  7. bob says:

    The problem is you think HTML 5 is capable of what flash is capable of.

    A few pixels sliding across a screen and HTML game design now that was achievable 10 years ago in Flash shows you are either rigoursly opinionated or uneducated.

  8. Hey Bob,

    You should check out the true capabilities of HTML5/CSS3/Javascript before you start calling me uneducated. I’m not talking about game design either, I’m talking about websites. Obviously this article is opinionated, it’s a blog, without me expressing my opinion, it would not be a personal blog.

    I’m grateful for you expressing your opinion, but I do draw the line when you start to call me “uneducated” when in fact, I’m well educated on the topic.


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