Facebook is killing itself

17th November 2010

You may remember a few years back there was a little old site called MySpace, MySpace was everywhere, anyone under the ages of 21 had it. Then came along Facebook, it was confusing at first and no-one really knew what it was. People liked it for 2 reasons, 1 it was easy to join and 2 it was trendy. MySpace then became less cool as it just copied Facebook. Today MySpace is nothing less than a site that bands create profiles for no-one to look at.

So why then is some guy, that posts rarely on his blog telling you that Facebook is killing itself? Facebook’s problem is it doesn’t quite know what it is anymore and why it exists. They’re adding new features yes, but so did MySpace, and they’re features nobody except the nerdy among us care about.

“Jason, why are you saying this blasphemy?” you ask… Well i’m not against Facebook, I love Facebook, kinda… It stays on everyday and it still wastes my time like any good social site. It’s also not because I started brosbook.com because let’s face it, BrosBook is just a bit of fun and doesn’t have the worldwide appeal of Facebook. My reasoning to this is, I read today Facebook is announcing an email service. “Soooo?” Yeah okay doesn’t seem like something that would trigger this article but hear me out.

Before Facebook killed it, MySpace was adding features that already existed elsewhere, it added apps, like Facebook, it added status’s, like Facebook. “Get to the point!” Well we have email services, hundreds, possibly thousands. Why do we need Facebook email? The answer is we don’t. You know what else we don’t need, groups. We also don’t need places (aka, if you want to kill me, you know where I am). Thus being the point, Facebook has stopped innovating and started following. Like MySpace users will stick to Facebook for a while, but there is going to be another site somewhere down the track (next few years) that will kill Facebook. Why? Because Facebook is not cool anymore.

I can’t tell the future, I don’t believe current trends like Tumblr and Twitter have what it takes to kill Facebook, they’re in a different league. But soon enough a new innovator will come along and we’ll all hear about the new site and reluctantly join before discovering it’s cooler than Facebook.

PS. The iPad is a mobile device, much like the automobile is a mobile vehicle. If it moves without wires it’s mobile. So please Mark, give us an iPad app. Thank you.

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  1. Paul Harris says:

    Really ? I wana see the end of facebook.They have blocked my account for no reason and not enabling it even after so many request.

  2. well,i just loved your article for two reasons.One is the simple but lovely way of telling your point that makes me read the whole of article with so much of interest.Secondly i totally agree with what you have said about facebook.Its just nothing but to waste your time in playing games and using apps and nothing special and unique is coming up from them so i also think that some other more cooler social site will come up soon to end facebook.

  3. Everything has an end, but i dont think so that facebook will end soon, cause many popular sites like google is supporting twitter and facebook.

  4. i was used myspace before facebook was introduced. my space is not user friendly, i could not get friends there so that i have changed my account to facebook. facebook is user friendly and easy to add friends..
    Facebook ends will affect me lot, i have a lots of business people friendship there.

  5. Sphamandla says:

    Yes Facebook is doing too many things at the same time. Here’s my point why do we still get email notifications about Facebook when they already know we spend a fraction of our day on Facebook so we are already aware of the notification by the time we get to our emails which in turn makes it spam to the user.

  6. Hi Jason, good article but I don’t agree :-)

    * Myspace was a slow and bloated. Its usability sucked. Facebook is comparatively painless and easy to use.

    * People of all ages and demographics are one Facebook. Myspace only ever appealed to the youngsters. Hell, my wife’s grandmother is on Facebook.

    * Facebook is integrated into all modern smartphones. That’s 100’s of millions of phones and there’ll be billions more over the coming years.

    * Consider that even Google with all it’s creativity, money, marketing power and engineering talent can’t compete. They tried and failed.

    * I’ve seen no evidence of any slowing of Facebook’s popularity.

    In short, I believe Facebook has reached the same status as Microsoft has reached on the desktop. It could easily be decades before Facebook’s relevance and importance are diminished.


  7. Seoruchi says:

    Hi Jasen,
    I completely agree with what Andrew says, which is absolutely true. We know that you are not against the facebook and it is also true that may be some day the new innovators will come with a new idea that will kill the facebook, but as of now the facebook is more popular then any other networking websites.

  8. php2ranjan says:

    Yes , Every one has a end but there is no end for the facebook!

  9. Quail says:

    Hmm. Only partially agree. Yes, much of what Facebook is doing isn’t great. They forgot the part about keeping it simple. But due to the large number of people on it, it will be around for awhile. The groups thing is a knock off of Google+, but FB should have done that ages ago. And it’s still not fully integrated. You’ve got to wade through all of your Friends still to figure out an invite to all of your family vs. friends vs. coworkers. Seriously, what was the point of giving me the option to divide people into groups if I can’t do that?

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