My new site! Woo!

2nd January 2013

Hey all! It’s been around 3-4 years since I created my personal website, and in web years it had reached the end of it’s life and needed to be put down.

This means a new site! Woo!


I’ve pushed the envelope quite a bit with this new site. Changed the way you navigate, used CSS3’s 3D transforms mixed with subtle HTML5 videos in the background. The end result is I have blocked out crap browsers from visiting the site, they can still visit my old site though. But hey! We can’t support old browsers forever. Chrome is the browser to use if you can. The latest version (21) is phenomenal with how smoothly it handles the torture I put it through. Safari isn’t too far off. Firefox I have allowed but I have turned off the HTML5 videos as it really struggled with it turned on. It’s still sluggish and glitchy though. Opera doesn’t fair too badly although it doesn’t support 3D transforms yet. IE is completely out until I get my hands on a version on IE10 to try.

The site has also been enhanced for the iPad with adjustments being made to make the rotating menu respond to the accelerometer. I love working with mobile platforms as most people use WebKit based browsers so they respond beautifully to whatever you want to do.

All in all check out the site, I’ve loved making it and it was a chance for me to trial some technologies I’ve been playing with. I’m hoping to do some experiments with Canvas, WebGL and more over the next week while I am on holidays, so if all goes well I will get some up on the site as well.

Please feel free to give me some feedback on what you think.


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