The search for the perfect WYSIWYG is over. Enter Redactor.

4th January 2013

Today is a glorious day! Well actually 3 months ago was. But today I’m telling you about the search for the perfect WYSIWYG being over.

So for the last 5 years or so I have been searching for a reliable WYSIWYG to use for my various projects. Just when I thought I found one, the developers moved on and got themselves a life, I’m left with an outdated WYSIWYG with unfixed bugs and I move on. TinyMCE is the major dude in this space, but I truly dislike him. He’s so big. He doesn’t even fit through the front door. There is so many modules to him as well. Sooooo painful! All I want is 1 javascript file, then to call it on my textarea and move on. A little flexibility is required as well though.

I had given up on my search over 2 years ago. Then I had an issue with my WYSIWYG and really needed to update it. That when I was about to freak out about another search. I enter the key phrases and boom. What is this? A new guy? Yes please. OMG it’s so pretty. I bet it has a hundred files and is hard to install… No? 1 file? Whaaaaaat? Is there someone else out there that had that dream? Plus it’s iOS ready. I bet when I copy from  word into it, it gives me a stack of unworkable code… What is this? It converts the headings to heading tags? Adds in paragraph tags, bold and italics, gets rid of the rest? Well I’ve just died and gone to heaven!

This is Redactor. I’ve used it now for about 3 months and I cannot speak highly enough about it. I really don’t want to rave on about it anymore than this. It’s a paid product so you do need to buy it, but the amount of searching you will do to never find a free alternative is not worth it. Pay the $99.

This has been a community service announcement from Jason Stockton.

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