Digital Cake, Me and My First Podcast

17th June 2013

For over a year, a friend of mine at Emote Digital has been suggesting we do a podcast. Naturally I wanted to do it however, we never really got time to do it. To combat this I asked my boss if we can get some gear for podcasting, he said yes, so now we had no choice but to do it.

We had some debate over what to talk about but then settled on general digital news rather than going too techy and talking about coding. It was to be the perfect recipe for a great podcast.

Introducing Digital Cake:

Episode 1:¬†Apple’s WWDC, iOS7, Tumblr sells to Yahoo, Google Glass and more.

Get it on iTunes

Also available as a direct download from here.

I hope you enjoy it!

Would love to hear your feedback if you listen to it :)

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