The importance of marketing for your web app or brand [video]

16th October 2009 • No Comments

Those who are familiar with me will know I’m very passionate about marketing. It is the most important part of any web application or business. The reason I say this is because even if you have the worst web application in the world, providing you have the right marketing you can be making great money. Obviously as a developer you want to make your web application better than everyone else’s – which is great! But if you don’t market it properly and put in the effort to market it properly you’re highly unlikely to make any money.


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The Art of Social Media Marketing.

4th September 2009 • No Comments

Chances are you’ve heard about Social Media Marketing, but what is it and how do you effectively implement it? If you’re not involved in social media marketing you should get involved now as it is free/cheap and highly effective for most businesses.

Head over to the Small Business Hub to check out my article on Social Media Marketing.

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